“We believe that empathy is the basis of connections.

Regardless of the language, the codes, we want to use artificial intelligence to improve the relationship between organizations and people.

We put science into practice, exceeding all expectations.

We are able to build unique stories and conversations on a large scale.

We came to celebrate evolution and connect with an ever-changing world.”




Having a broad view of things and be creative in solving problems, surprising staff and customers.

Espírito de Equipe

Team spirit

Helping colleagues, empathizing and being proactive in helping when needed. We are all cells within an organism.

Adaptar e Mudar

Adapt and Change

Being flexible with changes and adaptations. Learn from mistakes and always stay away from our comfort zone.

Excelência Técnica

Technical Excellence

Giving your best, studying and applying the best practices to your work. Developing yourself in your area of expertise.

Diversão e Entusiasmo

Fun and Enthusiasm

Vibrating with the results and the differences that are part of our culture. Being light on a daily basis and not complaining about everything.



Ubots was founded in 2016 from the desire to use technology to facilitate the communication of big companies with their customers. Its own platform designed for service scenarios, whether for use by human agents, chatbots or hybrid service, uses artificial intelligence to optimize results. The startup in Rio Grande do Sul has customers in Brazil, Peru and Chile and has already participated in important acceleration programs.