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Agibank is a digital bank that understands the needs of customers and offers solutions that improve their experience.
By having offices throughout Brazil, the bank has the purpose of being with the customer the way he wants, either online or personally.

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In order to further improve the relationship with customers and streamline communication processes, Agibank adopted Ubots’ chatbot solutions and the multichannel service platform.
In this way, we have created Mari, a chatbot that works on Facebook Messenger, on the website and on the application. In the first 8 months of operation, Mari exchanged more than 21 million messages with customers.

According to the leader of Agibank channel team, Matheus Girardi, the partnership with Ubots was essential to increase the efficiency of their services.

Ubots was instrumental in increasing the efficiency of our service, raising our chatbot retention to 40%. In a simple and intuitive way, our customers solve their doubts and connect with Agibank in a conversation way. The platform also offers the service team an intuitive interface and easy queuing management, which has bought us important productivity gains.

Operational service costs reduction

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In addition to improving the customer experience and facilitating the work of the agents by centralizing the service, the technology applied in the Agibank project contributes to reducing operating costs.
Each service made by Mari from start to finish results in savings of R$8.00 reais. She is already able to perform 80% of the services requested in the service channels.

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