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Panvel is one of the most important group of pharmacies in the southern region of the country. The group is one of the darlings of the gauchos, since it is not only seen as a pharmacy that sells medicines, but also as a space that provides hygiene products and cosmetics, makeup and beauty accessories. In addition, the company stands out for the modern design of the stores and the quality of service.
In 2016, Panvel added a chatbot to its service through Facebook Messenger, thinking of further enriching the experience that customers had with the brand.
During this period, not much was said about automation of services in RS, but, in partnership with Ubots, the company innovated, and by doing that, was one of the first to use technology in the state.
Ben, Panvel’s chatbot, started acting in only 50% of the daily services. He provided information about products, points, adhesion to the loyalty program and solved doubts.
But, in a few weeks, the chatbot had a great acceptance by the public and a significant reduction in the number of services directed to humans. Ben currently handles up to 90% of daily services via Facebook Messenger.
Listening to customer requests, Panvel also launched the purchase service through the tool, expanding its options for relationship with the users. Today, the chatbot informs the price and availability of products, guides users during the purchase process and offers shipping, payment options, in addition to finalizing the purchase process within the chat.
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