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Personalized automatic answering

Unicred is a co-op that provides financial advice to its members. The company has 35 co-ops, 265 Business Headquarters in 11 states in Brazil. For 29 years of history their purpose is “bringing prosperity to the lives of all members”.
In 2018, Unicred contacted Ubots with the purpose of increasing its channels and offering more convenience in serving the members.
With that in mind, a chat was implemented for members of the co-ops on the company’s application and website. In addition, a chatbot, Edu (Unicred Digital Experience), was developed.
Edu works to assist members in the Relationship Center, which is an online channel for members of the Cooperatives of Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and Rio de Janeiro.
The chatbot helps in collecting data for redemptions of investments, chargebacks and also Unitoken. Currently, Unicred’s digital service average rating is 4.80 on a scale of 1 to 5.

For Relations Coordinator at Unicred SC / PR, Pauline Beckel Oliveira, a solution with artificial intelligence enriched an experience that associates have with Unicred, using simpler and more personalized solutions.

The partnership with Ubots provided us with a channel that optimizes the service and gives the cooperative a new relationship experience with UNICRED. From the point of view of customer service management, we gained a lot with possibility of monitoring the quality through the evaluation of satisfaction of each service protocol.

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