Chat Channels

Expand your company’s communication channels.

The service your customers deserve in the most popular channels

It’s not enough to be present in several channels if the service provided by your company does not meet the expectations of customers.
People look for companies that solve their problems, most of the time, in a first contact.
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So, it is essential to think about the quality of service that will be offered and the approach that will be adopted in each of the channels.
In this way, customers are satisfied and the service team is optimized.
Find out the available channels and the possibilities they offer:

WhatsApp Business API

With 1 billion daily active users, WhatsApp is used by 76% of Brazilian consumers to communicate with companies.
The application also has a modality for large companies. WhatsApp Business API allows large companies to personalize their account with the main information, in addition to facilitating the sending of notifications and satisfaction surveys.
In addition, with the IVR tool it is possible that the calls that are queued at the contact center are transferred to the service via WhatsApp.

Facebook Messenger

Most companies have their own pages on Facebook, as it is a widespread social network among consumers.
Having a communication strategy focused on Messenger, Facebook’s messaging application, is interesting, since the volume of interactions with customers is significant and can be automated, bringing agility to communication.

Rich Communication Service (RCS)

What if your company could connect with your customers without having to download another app?
The RCS (Rich Communication Service) is a system developed by Google for the exchange of messages regardless of the operator or location where people are.
With it, it is possible to send text messages, audio, photos, videos, documents and GIFs using the messaging application already installed on smartphones with android system.


Your company probably has a website, doesn’t it?
It is possible to have an exclusive chat so that your customers can communicate very simply with your brand.
Market research shows that 93% of Brazilian consumers have already used self-service portals to solve their problems *.
With the use of Webchat, your company expands channels, increases user satisfaction and gives autonomy to service teams.
Find out how Agibank used the tool on its website and the benefits it brought.
* Microsoft Search

Mobile App

If your company already has an application, implementing a chat on it can enrich your customers’ experience.
Our application chat is available for Android and IOS systems, and it is possible to add chatbots to this channel as well.
So communication takes place in real time and service management takes place on a single platform.