Whatsapp Business

Interact with your customers via WhatsApp.

Be present in one of the fastest growing channels

Did you know that 76% of Brazilian consumers already communicate with companies through WhatsApp?

We work with the official version of WhatsApp Business API for big companies, connecting your business to WhatsApp Business Solution Providers (BSPs), official WhatsApp partners.

Why is it important to use WhatsApp in your business?


Whether for customers or the company. Having a WhatsApp account make interactions simpler and agile.


A service through the application narrows relations and offers more confidence to consumers.


With the API you can personalize your account, putting the main information about your business.


It is possible to send notifications and satisfaction surveys to increase the bond with your customers.

Usage charge

whatsapp 1

WhatsApp contact initiated by the customer

Free for messages delivered within 24 hours of the customer’s last message.
whatsapp 2

Sending notifications * via customer opt-in

* Non-promotional notifications only

Billing per message delivered after 24 hours after the last message sent by the customer.

Are you interested in this solution?

Direct the flow of your call center to WhatsApp

Make your customer’s experience even more incredible by facilitating the transfer of telephone service to digital channels. With Interactive Voice Response you make your customer’s life easier by enabling them to access your digital channels in just a few steps.

Step 1

Your customer calls the call center.

Step 2

The IVR system picks up the call to understand the request.

Step 3

The customer has the option to click on a number and be redirected to customer service via WhatsApp.

Step 4

The customer is transferred to digital support and reduces telephone contact.

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