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Celular com chat da Panvel

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Ben: Panvel’s Chatbot

In 2016, Panvel Pharmacies bought the idea of adopting a chatbot to perform its customer service. The robot Ben started as a pilot to test the new technology and soon assumed 80% of the demand for service.
Pauline Beckel Oliveira

The partnership with Ubots provided us with a channel that optimizes the service and gives the cooperative a new relationship experience with UNICRED. From the point of view of customer service management, we gained a lot with the possibility of monitoring the quality through the evaluation of satisfaction of each service protocol.

Pauline Beckel Oliveira
Relationship Coordinator - Unicred SC/PR
Matheus Girardi

Ubots was instrumental in increasing the efficiency of our service, raising our chatbot retention to 40%. In a simple and intuitive way, our customers solve their doubts and connect with Agibank in a conversational way. The platform also offers the service team an intuitive interface and easy queuing management, which has brought us important productivity gains.

Matheus Girardi
Channels Team Leader - Agibank
Eurico Antunes

Ubots was a good choice for Panvel's chatbot development. The term "complete solution" summarizes Ubots' delivery, which was characterized by the complete understanding of our business demands, full integration with internal IT staff and agility in delivery.

Eurico Antunes
New Businesses - Panvel

Ubots is an innovative and very competent company. They are truly and essentially innovative partners. They know how to act in the needs of their clients with commitment and dedication.

Juliano Selli
E-commerce Specialist

About Ubots

Founded in 2016, Ubots is a Brazilian company specialized in developing solutions for automation of customer services for large companies. Ubots has its own platform for chatbot building based on artificial intelligence, a multichannel customer service platform, as well as integration, customization and content curation services.

In 2018, Ubots was awarded in 3rd place in the Startup of the Year Category of the ABComm Digital Innovation Award.

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