Ubots Chatbot Builder

Boost the satisfaction of your customers by expanding the service capacity of your business with the help of chatbots.

Increase the efficiency of your service team with chatbots

You do not need bureaucracy to automate the service of your company.
Have a personalized chatbot to answer your customers’ questions about operations, services and products.
Chatbots can perform from the beginning to the end of a service process or operate collaborating with human agents.
This way, it starts the services and, according to the customer’s need, it can transfer to a specialist.
You can be present in the main service channels.
With this technology, your customers’ experience can be even more positive and personalized.

Does your business have a need? Ubots platform allows the personalized development of chatbots for your company!

How to implement a chatbot in your company

Step 1

First you need to define the purpose of the chatbot and the subjects that can be solved.

Step 2

Then you can choose to create your chatbot or let our team do it for you.

Step 3

A final review is required. We have a Botstudio team that can review and translate your chatbot into English and Spanish, if necessary.

Step 4

Choose the channels where it will be made available to customers.

Step 5

Use our conversation analysis tool to analyze the chatbot's performance or count on the help of our team of computer linguists.

Boost your service!