Multichannel Service

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Optimize the service team workflow

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Making communication easier and more agile is essential. With that in mind, the Ubots platform also enables the creation of chatbots to be integrated into the main chat channels.
On the Ubots platform, services are centralized making processes simpler and optimizing operator learning.
Being available on several channels is essential to ensure customer satisfaction.

Automate service in the main channels

Two possibilities, countless benefits:
  • Use the same chatbot on all channels.
  • Have a chatbot for each channel where your company is present.
Regardless of the modality, our platform allows the real-time monitoring of your team’s performance, whether it is composed of chatbots or human agents or hybrid team, composed of robots and humans.

Benefits for your company

Get access to the volume of services made, most requested subjects, the average time of interactions, in addition to knowing how many services your chatbot is making and how much money saving it is generating for your business.
All of this in an intuitive screen that allows the experience during the service to be as positive for your customers as for your operators.

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